Tristan and Isolde

3848469_stdToday’s couple is Tristan and Isolde.  Tristan was a warrior in the employ of KIng  Mark of Cornwall.  After a battle, Tristan is wounded by a poisoned blade and believed to have died.  His friends put his body in a small boat and set it adrift.  The boat washes ashore in Ireland in the kingdom of Donnchladh and found by the king’s daughter Isolde.  Isolde discovers that Tristan is not dead and nurses him back to health.  The two fall in love and spend many happy weeks in each other’s company.  Through out this time, Isolde does not tell Tristan her real name; she had told him her name was Brittany on the advice of her lady-in-waiting.  Tristan is discovered by her father’s men and must return to Cornwall.  Before leaving, he promised that he will see her once again.  Upon his return to Cornwall, Tristan is welcomed like a hero especially by Mark.  Word comes after several weeks that the King Donnchadh is hosting a tournament for all the British kings with his daughter Isolde’s hand in marriage as the prize.  Tristan fights in Mark’s stead hoping to see Brittany again and wins the tournament only to be devastated to find that Brittany is really Isolde.  The two are shocked and horrified to find themselves in this situation.  Isolde marries Mark, but her and Tristan fight against their feelings.  When the feelings become too much to deny, Tristan and Isolde begin an affair behind Mark’s back.  Amid King Donnchadh’s attempt to destroy the British kings, Tristan and Isolde are discovered.  Mark, although crushed, gives the lovers the chance to runaway together, but Tristan refuses wanting to right the wrongs they had done.  In the ensuing fight, Tristan saves the day and kills the traitors, giving Mark the chance to turn all the British kings against Donnchadh.  Isolde buries Tristan in the trysting place and disappears from history, never to be heard from again.  The moral of these lovers is to always tell the truth.  You will never know when it might come back and bite you if you lie.

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