Paris and Helen

Prince-Paris-and-Helen-in-Troy222Paris and Helen, the couple that launched 10,000 ships has been told and retold for centuries.  According to myth, Paris was given Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world after picking Aphrodite from a choice of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite to receive the golden apple.  Helen was married to the King of Sparta and had a daughter, but was kidnapped by Paris and taken to Troy.  Their story did not start as an affair, but a violent act against a married woman.  Paris did not anything about Helen; all he knew of her was that she had a beautiful face, and he wanted her.  The two were married and the Greeks were enraged.  Menelaus demanded that Helen be returned, and when he was refused, the Greeks went to war.  The war was long, bloody and  full of destruction and hardship.  Paris did not care if he  destroyed his country as long as he got to keep his trophy wife.  Both his family and his country paid the price for his foolish greed.  After 10 years of bloodshed and tears, Troy fell  to the Greeks. According to legend, only one Trojan prince survived.  The moral of this love affair is that beauty is not everything.  Possessing the prize might not be worth it.

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