Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

REPUTATIONS: RICHARD BURTON, TAYLOR MADE FOR STARDOMThe final couple in my list is Cleopatra and Marc Antony.  This tragic couple began their love affair after the death of Julius Caesar. Marc  Antony ruled the eastern half of the Roman Empire and Cleopatra ruled the land of Egypt.  Did Cleopatra really love Antony like the story says or was she motivated by power?  Cleopatra was nothing if not practical enough told realize that having a relationship with the Caesar’s best friend would be as beneficial to her as her relationship with Caesar had  been.  Antony had been Caesar’s preferred heir and was just as powerful.  With a ruler of Rome in her bed, no one would attack Egypt and her people would flourish.  Whether it was for love or power, these two lovers combined their kingdoms and spent many years living in Egypt.  They had several children together.  When they began to gift several parcels of their kingdoms to their children, Octavian declared war on them.  They waged a long and bloody campaign against Octavian’s forces.  Antony was said to have been given false information that stated Cleopatra had died, so he rushed back to Alexandria to fall see for himself.  When he realized that he had abandoned his men for nothing, Anthony fell upon his own sword in despair.  Rather than allow Octavian to capture her and Antony’s body, Cleopatra took her own life by allowing an asp to bite her.  The two lovers would not be separated and chose to die together.  It seems kind of cowardly to me; they chose to die rather than to live.  It is said that these two were some of the bases that Shakespeare used to pattern his tragic lovers Romeo and Juliet. Suicide seems dramatic and somewhat romantic, but suicide is never the answer to anything.

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3 Responses to Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

  1. sparkswrites says:

    I agree with you, though I will admit that I enjoy this play!

  2. I think Shakespeare was dealing with his own emotional conflicts by using characters in his plays that were very troubled and very confused and afraid.

  3. I think Shakespeare was trying to work out his own personal emotional demons by giving his difficult feelings to his characters.

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