Valentine’s Day: Lovers of History and Literature

imagesEach year right after New Year’s Day, the retail stores begin stocking the flowers, hearts, stuffed teddy bears, and chocolate for the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  Each February 14, couples all over the country try to do something special and romantic. I have heard for years people celebrating the best love stories of literature and history. I would like to look at some of those “super couples” of love and see what exactly is so romantic about their story if any.  Everyone has heard of most of them. The ones like Romeo and Juliet are extremely famous.  So each day I am going to find a famous couple from literature of history and take a deeper look into their romance and see if they live up to their fame about being great lovers. On Valentine’s Day, I will read over all of the analysis and pick out the couple most deserving of the title “Most Romantic Couple.”  We will see if the most famous couples can stand up to the test.

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